CEO Message About Online Trading

I take this opportunity to introduce SCS smarTrader, a powerful online trading platform with a wide variety of trading tools built within. I also take this opportunity to introduce a great value addition of SCS smarTinfo, the first and only market analysis platform with fundamental and technical tools which is unique in many ways.
I believe Internet revolution has changed the fundamentals of our society. It shapes the way we communicate and the way we do business. I see online trading as the future of Pakistan's capital market which would overtake off-line trading soon. Today, investors can use revolutionary web-based technology to trade stocks in real time from nearly anywhere, at any time, independent of broker and service limitations.
Standard Capital has been operating as a full service brokerage firm since 1990 with a vision to bring new innovation and to provide wide array of value added financial services of the highest.
Professional standards. We are always committed by leading the front on investor education. Whether you are accustomed to trading equities or relatively a newcomer to investing, we give you all the advantages of exceptional convenience and accessibility amid indepth information.
Our web based online trading platform offers new techniques fastened with market information on our info portal, which is far ahead of anything that is being offered in the market today. SCS smarTrader combined with smarTinfo not only gives you the edge over fundamental tools, but provides an option of applying algorithm trading with many statistical parameters and technical trends. This entails great value addition to all your investment decisions and enables you to invest intelligently.
I believe that any trading platform needs to be swift and userfriendly,especially when it comes to executing trades. SCSsmarTrader is laced with smart trading tools such as making NIL position with a single click, live technical buy/sell signals, real time intraday charting, bunch stock trading and stock screening with many more to follow.
I feel proud to mention that our in-house IT and research professionals have put together this project which I believe is comparable to any other well renowned international online brokers. Our team of professionals also offer customized facilities in our application tailored to our client needs.
Investing is all about making timely decisions and I am proud to affirm that SCS smarTrader offers you a powerful trading environment at the same time SCS smarTinfo gives you an edge of value information over other investors.
I invite you to click on us. Log on to and be a part of future!
I thank you for your interest and look forward to serving at my best.
Naushad H Chamdia
Chief Executive Officer
"Information empowers you and gives you independence."
Naushad H Chamdia
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