Announcements & Board Meetings

Company Code
Company CodeCompany NameBoard Meeting DateBoard Meeting TimeYearQuarterQuarterly EPSCumulative EPSDividend %Bonus %Right %Right PriceRight DiscountRight PremiumLast Date T+2Spot Start DateSpot End DatexPrice Date
SHELShell Pakistan Limited 3/10/201710.30 A.MDecCY-16            
UPFLUNILEVER PAK FOODS LTD3/8/20172.30 P.M.DecCY-16            
BOKBank of Khyber3/7/201711.00 A.MDecCY-16            
DLLDawood Lawrencepur3/3/201711.00 A.MDecCY-16            
SKRSSakrand Sugar Mills Ltd.3/1/201711.00 A.MSep1Q17            
PKGSPackages Limited2/28/201710.00 A.MDecCY-16            
ESBLEscorts Investment Bank Limited2/28/201712.30 P.M.JuneHY17            
DAWHDawood Hercules Corp.2/28/201710.00 A.MDecCY-16            
FTSMTri-Star Modarba 1st.2/28/201711.30 A.M.JuneHY17            
TRPOLTristar Ployester Limited 2/28/201711.30 A.M.JuneHY17            
TSMFTri-Star Mutual Fund Limited2/28/20172.30 P.M.JuneHY17            
TSPLTri-Star Power Ltd. 2/28/20173.00 P.MJuneHY17            
GATMGul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. 2/28/20172.30 P.M.JuneHY17            
PPLPakistan Petroleum Ltd.2/28/20173.00 P.MJuneHY17            
TRIBLTrust Investment Bank Ltd2/28/20173.00 P.MJuneHY17            
JUBSJubilee Spinning and Weaving Mills Ltd.2/28/201711.00 A.MJuneHY17            
PRETPremium Textile Mills Ltd. 2/28/201711.00 A.MJuneHY17            
KHSMKhurshid Spinning Mills Limited2/28/20172.00 P.MJuneHY17            
ISTMIshaq Textile Mills Ltd. 2/28/20173.00 P.MJuneHY17            
HUSIHusein Industries Limited2/28/20174:00 p.m.JuneHY17