Online Trading in Stocks

Online Trading in Karachi Stock Exchange with SCS smarTrader

The SCS smarTrader is an advanced and flexible platform for trading online at Karachi stock exchange with real-time fundamental and technical’s

SCS smarTrader
Standard Capital is proud to offer SCS SmarTrader, a web-based trading platform, fully customized to execute equity trading strategies efficiently. We offer one of the user friendly interfaces for investors who enjoy live technical and fundamental tools to make an intelligent investment decision. We believe that online system should be interactive and user friendly that could also guide and educate investors instead of a mere trading instrument. We have introduced features such as:
  • An introduction of a trade button which enables you to trade with just mouse clicking
  • Bunch Trading (Buy or Sell Multiple item with one click)
  • Nil Position (nil your account with just one click)
  • Intraday technical charting (1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 30 min and 1 hour)
  • Live trading Signals based on scientific trading system
  • Live fundamental recommendations based on financial ratios
  • Various technical tools (MACD`s and RSI`s Buy Sell Signals and Fibonacci Support and Resistance)
  • Detail account statements and live Profit & Loss detail of your portfolio
  • Live chat for interactive customer support
  • Real Time data
  • Faster Execution
  • Easy to use
  • Limit and stop loss orders

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Common Terms
      REG Regular Market
      COT Carry Over Market
      FUT Future Market
      IPO Initial Public Offering Market (Provisional)
      OTC Over the Counter Market
      CFS Continues Financing System
      CSF CSF Cash Settled Future
      SIF SIF Stock Index Future
      ODL ODL Odd Lot Market
      IOM IOM Index Options Market
      SPT Spot
      RDY Ready Delivery
      LOD Market Loading
      PRI Market Pre Opening
      PRE Market Pre Open
      OPN Market Open
      SUS Market Suspend
      + Price Movement shows Positive Trend
      - Price Movement shows Negative Trend
      Change Last traded price is more or less than close of the previous day
      Buy Vol It indicates the No of shares somebody wants to buy
      Buy The rate at which somebody wants to buy
      Sell The rate at which somebody wants to sell
      Sell Vol It indicates the No of shares somebody wants to sell
      Total Vol No of shares traded till particular time
      Last Vol No of shares subject of last trade
      Last Price The price at which last trade took place
      Avg Total value of share traded, divided by No of shares traded
      High The highest rate at which the share traded
      Low The lowest rate at which the share traded

Online Trading - Vendor`s Agreements

  • We have service level agreement (SLA) with Catalyst IT Solution for online trading software.
  • We have service level agreement (SLA) with Cyber Net for online trading internet connectivity.

Order Placement, Execution and Cancellation

  • Client needs to press (F4) for buying order and (F5) for selling order on computer key board for placing the order. After pressing either of the button the order window will appear and users will be able to execute order; as much as after performing necessary parameters in execution & margin check the order will take place.
  • In case of cancelling pending order, user needs to open outstanding order window and after giving the valid pin code user can cancel the pending order. If any user experiences difficulty in cancellation of pending order, he or she should immediately contact at (+9221) 111-111-721 at head office for manual order cancellation.

Risk Factors

  • There are innumerable risks associated with trading of securities. These risk factors are inherent and needs to be in the knowledge of investors. Conversely their could be system stoppage and inbuilt breakdown at client end, Standard Capital Securities Pvt. Ltd system end or at the end of KSE which may generate error affecting trade or number of trades. The client needs to be aware that Standard Capital Securities Pvt. Ltd does not take any responsibility for any loss incurred by the client in such a force majeure situation. The client nevertheless is advised to report such a situation to Standard Capital Securities Pvt. Ltd in writing, within 24 hours. The client is also advised immediately, to get in contact with Standard Capital Securities Pvt. Ltd staff so that the situation may be handled amicably without any loss of time. This is advised that Standard Capital Securities Pvt. Ltd is equipped with KATS (Karachi Automated Trading System) at head office. In the case of any emergency among other factors, it is advised to cancel pending orders which should be client’s first priority.
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