Company Snapshot - Overview

Silver Star Insurance Co. Ltd.     INSURANCE
Open 6.26 Avg Vol (12 M)
High 6.75 52 Week Low
Low 6.22 52 Week High
Close 6.34 Market Cap 0.19 B
Volume 155,500 Beta
Change -0.09 Face Value 10.00
Free Float Shares 9.15 M   Total No. Shares 30.56 M
Last Annual EPS   Latest EPS  
Price To Earning P/E   Exp Price To Earning P/E  
Exp Earning Gowth   Pr Earning Growth (PEG)  
Equity Ratios
Book Value   Exp Book Value  
Book Value Growth   Exp Book Value Growth  
Price To Book Value   Exp Price To Book Value  
Return On Equity   Exp Return On Equity  
Retention Ratio   Exp Retention Ratio  
Equity To Assets Ratio   Return On Assets  
Return On Cap Emp      
Dividend   Dividend Yield  
Interim Dividend     Dividend Last Quarter  
Exp Dividend   Exp Dividend Yield  
Exp Dividend Growth   Dividend Cover  
Payout Ratio   Exp Payout Ratio  
Sales Per Share   Exp Sales Per Share  
Price To Sales   Exp Price To Sales  
Sales P-S Growth   Exp Sales P-S Growth  
Enterprise Value (EV)
EV To Sales   Exp EV To Sales  
Enterprise Value   Market Capitalization 0.19 B bn
EV To EBITDA   EV Per Share  
Cash Flow Per Share   Cash Per Share  
Net Asset Value (NAV)
Net Asset Value   Discount To NAV  
Exp Net Asset Value     Exp Discount To NAV    
Advances & Deposits
Equity To Advances   Advance Deposite Ratios  
Cash To Deposits Ratio      
Underwriting Result To PAT      Investment Income To PAT  
Net Profit Margin   Gross Profit Margin    
EBIT Margin   EBITDA Margin    
Net Interest Margin        
Interest Cover   Times Interest Earned    
Inventory Turnover   Asset Turnover    
Current Ratio   Effective Tax Rate    
Quick Ratio   Net Interest To Assets    
Long Debt To Equity   Total Debt To Equity    
Long Debt To Assets   Total Debt To Assets